Tone Bender Narrow Box ‘FUZZCASES’ Enclosure – Drilled with Back Plate, Feet & Screws.


Handmade in England by ‘FUZZCASES’.

An amazing 2 pot hole version of the classic narrow box Tone Bender MK3  enclosure.

Forget the cheap and nasty paper thin pressed metal enclosures that were used as a cost cutting exercise as the iconic Tone Bender marched into the hard economic ’70s and put your amazing tone bending circuits in the enclosure it should have always been in and deserves.

Made externally to exactly replicate the famous narrow box.

These sand cast aluminium enclosures have chunky think walls and are built like tanks.

The back plate is precisely cut to easily fit a high quality ‘Dunlop’ battery box to allow easy 9v battery access.

All the pot holes (10mm Diameter) are drilled as default for the amazing Pigeon FX Vintage reissue MK3 boards. See picture for hole spacing diamentions.

Please contact us below if you require different pot hole spacings or want to check if your board will fit.

The jack sockets are drilled (11.2mm diameter) and counter bored (18mm diameter) to fit most standard jack sockets.

The feet holes are drilled and tapped (threaded).

The footswitch hole is drilled (12mm diameter).

This enclosure comes with:-

      • 4 Premium ‘FUZZCASES Premium Rubber Feet’ and screws.
      • 1.2mm thick ‘Sheffield Steel’ backplate with battery box mounting hole.

Please note all backplates have the hole cut that only fits the readily available ‘Dunlop ECB244BK’ replacement battery box, which easily clips into place.

Please note pictures are our stock photos of items listed, small surface markings may differ from case to case due to the manufacturing process.

This unit does not come with the ‘Dunlop’ battery holder, ‘Cliff’ jack sockets, the circuit board, knobs, and footswitch. These items are for demonstration purposes only.

If you wish to purchase the enclosure with the ‘Dunlop’ battery box and or ‘Cliff’ jacks please see our other options or click HERE.

Any questions, then please click HERE to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

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