About us

Fuzz Cases Limited was born out of the desire to bring guitar pedal enclosures of Rock’n’Roll legend to the masses.

Classic boutique reproductions from when enclosures were made to symbolically represent the massive groundbreaking awe-inspiring sounds that came out of them.

No other pedals as much as Tone Benders, Fuzz Faces or the other classic Fuzz pedals of the time have sonically shaped the world as we know it.

No other enclosure shapes are as iconic and instantly recognizable.

Our enclosures are made using a variety of ways and are all fettled and prepared by hand before shipping to achieve a premium quality made in Enland product we are proud of.

‘Fuzz Case’, ‘Fuzzbug’ and ‘SupaFuzz’ sand-cast enclosures are handmade using historic methods and use original molds for the correct size. They are forged with high-grade 100% recyclable aluminium.

Folded metal enclosures have been replicated from vintage pedals and are handmade from the finest quality Sheffield steel plate.

Our new Tone Bending TBMK2 enclosure has been painstakingly reproduced using a die-casting method. This offers an unprecedented level of consistency and smoothness. A new world of modern machining and finishing methods can now be applied to this iconic enclosure.

BIG, HEAVY, ICONIC enclosures.

It isn’t a proper Fuzz if it isn’t in a FUZZCASE!