Olivetti SupaFuzz 0.5 ‘Fuzz Case’ Enclosure – Drilled with Circuit Board Bracket, Back Plate, ‘Cliff’ Jack Sockets, Feet & Screws.


Fuzz Cases ‘Olivetti SupaFuzz’ Pedal Enclosure.

The ‘Holy Grail’ of fuzz pedal enclosures.

Cast aluminium ‘Olivetti SupaFuzz’ enclosure handmade in England by ‘Fuzz Cases’.

The unit comes with the pot holes, input and output jack holes, footswitch hole, and the feet holes drilled and tapped (threaded).

This unit is the MK0.5 Hendrix close pot hole version.

For the MK1 wide knob style please click HERE.

The diameter of the potentiometer holes is 8mm.

The diameter of the footswitch hole is 12mm.

The enclosure comes with a back plate, circuit board bracket (with vintage style slot head mounting screws), and premium grade rubber feet (also with vintage style slot head screws).

The back plate comes with a rivet hole for the attachment of your battery clip (not supplied).

Pictures are our stock photos of items listed, small surface markings may differ from case to case due to the manufacturing process.

Please note that the footswitch, potentiometers, and control knobs are for demonstration purposes only and are not included with the enclosure.

Two ‘Cliff’ input and output jacks are included with this enclosure.

Quality is assured.

In stock