Tone Bender MK2 ‘FUZZCASES’ Enclosure – Drilled with Circuit Board Bracket, Back Plate, Feet & Screws.


Made in England by ‘FUZZCASES’.

An amazing reproduction of the classic Tone Bender MK2 enclosure.

An exact consistent shape for each enclosure, enabling production line finishing techniques.

A super smooth finish that now allows for all modern finishing applications such as UV printing, polished aluminium, traditional Hammertone, spray paint, powder coat, your imagination can now be let loose!

Super clean top panel giving a blank canvas for your controls and artwork.

The skirt or bottom bumper is consistent and bold.

Big chunky enclosure, made like a Tank!

All holes are drilled and feet holes are drilled and tapped (threaded).
Jack sockets and footswitch holes are 12mm in diameter.
Potentiometer holes are 8mm in diameter.

Quantity orders are available for shipment.

This enclosure comes with:-

      • 4 Premium ‘FUZZCASES real rubber feet’ and screws.
      • 1.5mm thick steel backplate.
      • Circuit board attachment bracket

Any questions, then please contact us HERE, we’re always happy to help.

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