Hammered finished Supa Fuzz ‘FUZZCASES’ Enclosure – Drilled with Circuit Board Bracket, Back Plate & Feet.


Hammered paint finished ‘Supa Fuzz’ pedal enclosure, sprayed with Hammerite silver paint.

The enclosure’s external and internal is sprayed in a beautiful hammered finish over a vintage brick red primer undercoat ensuring the ultimate cool aged look upon any wear and tear.

Both sides of the back plate are also finished in silver hammered paint.

Supa Fuzz Pedal Enclosure.

Handmade in England by ‘FUZZCASES’.

Cast Aluminium Supa Fuzz enclosure. Made from original Marshall enclosure moldings for the exact correct size.

All holes are drilled and feet tapped (threaded).

The diameter of the potentiometer holes is 8mm.

The diameter of the footswitch hole is 12mm.

Included with the enclosure are the back panel, Supa Fuzz circuit board mounting bracket, premium rubber feet with washer inserts, and screws.

Quality is assured.

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