‘FUZZCASES’ FZ Wedge Enclosure – with holes, hinged Base Plate & Clinch Nut attachment.


‘FUZZCASES’ FZ Wedge with holes enclosure.

Handmade in England from the finest quality ‘Sheffield steel’ 1.5mm plate.

The unit comes with holes for the footswitch, input and output jack sockets, and two potentiometers.

Please note a standard FZ1 reissue circuit board will not fit in this case due to the position of jacks, please use our undrilled case for that option.

Clinch nuts are used for the bottom plate attachment.

The unit can open like a hinge, allowing for great access.

Each unit consists of 1 top and 1 bottom part, and 4 screws.

All enclosures are hand fettled to remove sharp edges etc before shipping.

Pictures are our stock photos of items listed, small surface markings may differ from case to case due to the manufacturing process.

Quality is assured.

Please check out shipping costs for multiple units as large savings can be made.

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