‘Fuzz Case’ Enclosure – Drilled with Rubber Beard, Back Plate, Feet & ‘Cliff’ Jacks.


‘Fuzz Case’ pedal enclosure.

Handmade in England by ‘Fuzz Cases’.

Cast aluminium late 60’s style thick-walled round fuzz enclosure.

The unit comes with the footswitch hole drilled.

Input and output jack holes are also drilled for the included ‘Cliff Electronic Components’ mono and stereo switched jack sockets with solder tags as shown in the pictures.

The internal circuit board mounts are also drilled and tapped (threaded) and come supplied with vintage-style pan head screws to attach your circuit board.

The center hole is also drilled and tapped to allow attachment of the supplied long vintage style pan head screw and supplied round back plate.

A hole is cut in the back plate for the attachment of a battery clip holder (not Supplied).

The back plate also has holes cut out for the attachment of the included vintage style feet.

A premium grade rubber beard footswitch cover is also supplied with the unit.

Please note that the footswitch, circuit board, potentiometers, and control knobs are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the package.

If you wish to purchase this unit without ‘Cliff’ input and output jack sockets please press HERE.

Quality is assured.

If you’re looking for great vintage style PCB’s for your build, go check out the guys over at:

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